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Velourit has been approved to participate in the United States Agency for International Development in Peru's (USAID/Peru) New Partnerships and Private Sector Engagement Initiative.  

This is an amazing opportunity for Velourit to build its innovative application of information technology into the global supply chain to increase product traceability, reduce transaction costs, and add the value of linking new information to products through blockchain.

Digitally Connect Peru is our five-year project to implement a corruption prevention value in the supply chain and each corporate sponsor has the benefit of adding their input as we build a more sophisticated export system.  

For your sponsorship, you'll receive a number of incredible benefits from being acknowledged in interviews with the press, increasing brand awareness to consumers in Peru, visiting the project's site in Lima, and meeting government dignitaries in your business' industry. 

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  • Sponsorship Benefits & Rewards

  • Growing Your database
    Exclusive Quarterly Email Newsletter
  • Experiential Marketing
    Product Giveaways & Contests
  • Thought Leadership
    VIP Events in Peru
  • Sponsorship Benefits & Rewards
  • Growing Your databaseExclusive Quarterly Email Newsletter
  • Experiential MarketingProduct Giveaways & Contests
  • Thought LeadershipVIP Events in Peru
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Sponsor Digitally Connect Peru

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